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Re: Tank sizes

> From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>
> Subject: New tank
> Folks,

> I finally found someone locally who could quote a price on a tank of the
> right size (126 gallons, 5 feet x 22 inches x 22 inches) and I choked on
> the $700-$750 price tag.  On top of that, the thing was acrylic (glass
> would have been more expensive and taken longer) and the top braces
> would limit access pretty badly.  I was underwhelmed.

Ouch, that's high IMO. Nice size though. If it's 1/2 acrylic then it's worth
it, if it's 3/8th, your getting well, you know....
Inter-American Pet Supply, if your interested(check FAMA) in shipping can
get you any type of glass tank but the shipping might be prohibitive.
You could likely get a tank of that size for 400$ or so. But....shipping may
be the same.
Standard 150 gallon(60x24x24) acrylic's with 3/8th thickness should be in
the 500-550$ at most. Check around to see how much you can have one built
for you at the local plastics places. You can then add-delete thicknesses,
openings, lenghts etc. Some places may be more competitive than you think.
If you lived closer I could have one built but the shipping would get you.
It's worth it to spend the extra 100-200$ for the extra thick acrylic.
> So my choices now seem to be to get a standard-size 5-foot tank, a
> 6-foot, 125 or 135 gallon tank or a 4-foot 75 or 85 gallon tank.

135 over the 125 and the 85-90 over the 75.
The 75's are great for stacking vertically if you need to conserve space.
Go with a 24 inch high stand over a 30. I work on 30's plus on a 24inch high
tanks....unless your long armed and fairly tall you'll be stretching. You'll
be much happier with a 24 inch high stand. If that's a choice(your other
half will surely be somewhat involved here).
Also a good idea to really consider an open top set up. MH's are cool and I
make no bones about it: it's 10 x easy working on that kind of tank due to
access alone. Then there's the extra viewing area...so it's functional, very
pleasing to look at, makes a most dramatic display, easily to worked on.
Nothing in your way. Now if you have a hood or light on top sitting you have
to remove it or reach over it so you lose either light or have to reach up
and over. 
> The 5-foot tank is fairly rare, but I saw one recently at Petsmart.  It
> was 5 feet long by 24" high x 18" front-to-back; nominally 110 gallons.

Nice size and should be semi cheap. You'll be happy.

> Not my ideal dimensions.  Has anyone used a tank like that and can you
> tell me how it works for aquascaping?

Not sure but I think the great Frode Roe has some 110gallon examples. Very
nice precise Tank's from Norway. The big tank with the Discus I believe is
the 110. Not sure if the LxWxH are the same but it looks close.
> How did you light it?

MH's, I'd go with 2x250's MH's(best) or PC's either 4-6x55w or 3 to 4 96watt
or 8 t-8's for a 110.
> I'd also like to hear some opinions on the 6-foot tanks vs the 4-foot
> tanks.  I'm not worried about the price difference and I can fit either
> size into the available space.  I have to relocate some big house plants
> (a Ficus and/or a Scheflera) to fit a 6-footer.  I'm also concerned that
> aquascaping in a 6-foot tank may just not work as well as it does in a
> more "square" tank.  On the other hand, the 4-foot tanks are easy to fit
> into the space, easy to light and I think that the shape of the 75
> gallon (especially) is excellent for aquascaping.  I'd just like to get
> a bigger tank.

Wouldn't we all?:)
> Opinions? Ideas?  Experience?

I like a blockier tank than the 18Dx24H. 24x24 is nicer. Length is less
important I think. Reason is that it is a 3D aquascape, not 2D like many of
the tanks one sees. Slopes, terraces, and a bunch more options become
doable to a much greater degree. 75 is nice but you'll be kicking your self
and not getting what you want if you go with the 75 gallon. Keep looking
around for deals on tanks. Be patient enough to get what you want. Look into
a custom glass tank perhaps.
Tom Barr