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New tank


I posted a few months back about my search for a new tank, and the ideal
size of the tank.

I finally found someone locally who could quote a price on a tank of the
right size (126 gallons, 5 feet x 22 inches x 22 inches) and I choked on
the $700-$750 price tag.  On top of that, the thing was acrylic (glass
would have been more expensive and taken longer) and the top braces
would limit access pretty badly.  I was underwhelmed.

So my choices now seem to be to get a standard-size 5-foot tank, a
6-foot, 125 or 135 gallon tank or a 4-foot 75 or 85 gallon tank.

The 5-foot tank is fairly rare, but I saw one recently at Petsmart.  It
was 5 feet long by 24" high x 18" front-to-back; nominally 110 gallons. 
Not my ideal dimensions.  Has anyone used a tank like that and can you
tell me how it works for aquascaping?  How did you light it?  The one I
saw at Petsmart was a Topfin tank (made in Texas, I think), anyone have
experience with the brand?  I'm not familiar with them.  I also saw a
used tank w/stand but I think I'd rather buy new if I can.  The first
time that I brought this up someone on the list mentioned that they had
a 5-foot Miracle tank, but I haven't found any Miracle dealers locally. 
Are there other manufacturers that make this size?

I'd also like to hear some opinions on the 6-foot tanks vs the 4-foot
tanks.  I'm not worried about the price difference and I can fit either
size into the available space.  I have to relocate some big house plants
(a Ficus and/or a Scheflera) to fit a 6-footer.  I'm also concerned that
aquascaping in a 6-foot tank may just not work as well as it does in a
more "square" tank.  On the other hand, the 4-foot tanks are easy to fit
into the space, easy to light and I think that the shape of the 75
gallon (especially) is excellent for aquascaping.  I'd just like to get
a bigger tank.

Opinions? Ideas?  Experience?

Roger Miller