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I am coming to the conclusion after searching the Krib and reading the
list that I may be potassium limited. I have been using TMG and Leaf
Zone. TMG at recommended label directions and Leaf Zone slightly short
of recommended dosage. 

I would like to phase out the Leaf Zone and use straight K2O which I
recently purchased. Problem is I can't find much on this form of
potassium from my searches. Anyone care to recommend an adequate dosage
of K2O? Or more than adequate since I've read from various posters in
the archives that overdosing K is not a problem. 

Tank is 125 gallons. 300w, usually 20+ppm CO2. Present growth is OK but
only A. rigidifolius and Nuphar are what I would call vigorous. No algae
except trace of the hazy film on front glass sometimes which indicates a
little more P at times(?) Usually a swipe of the magnets once a week or
so takes care of it.  

Anubias are practically frozen in time but not accumulating BBA. Java
ferns growth very slow. Swords so-so. Giant Vals healthy moderate
growth-very acceptable but wouldn't mind extra pruning if K causes it to
grow faster. Revivified Nymphaeas growing semi-vigorously. 

So how much muriate of potash, 0-0-60, K2O would you guys suggest?