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RE: Uninvited Guests

Hi Ian,

No poison needed.  Get a few zebra loaches (Botia Striata), and they'll take
care of the problem for you.  And they won't harm your plants or other fish;
they're very peaceful, and they LOVE snails.


> Unfortunately, it appears I have been the recipient of some
> “uninvited guests” – namely snails – that have started making an
> appearance over the last week. I’m assuming they have hitched a
> ride in on the plants.
> So far they haven’t reached infestation levels, and I have been
> picking them out when I see them, but the number has started to
> rise, and they are now beginning to get larger and I’m getting
> concerned that they may be breeding soon.
> Can anyone recommend a method of poisoning them off without
> killing the plants? With the tank only just becoming mature I
> don’t yet have any fish, so that’s not a concern so long as the
> treatment can be removed through water changes.