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RE: Glass tank hoods

Hi Susi,

I think you have the same light strip as I also have (it's GREAT!!).  You
can get glass covers that have sliding pieces.  I think they're made by
Hagen.  They have channels for sliding the glass.  I got one for my 50-gal,
and had to adapt it a bit, but it was easy.  On mine, on one side the glass
slides from front to back, and on the other side, it slides sideways.  A
glass shop can do any cutting and edge-polishing for you if the LFS won't.
First of all, regarding the center support, you can buy that separately.  It
has two channels on each side for holding and sliding the glass along.  Your
LFS should carry it, but you can probably also buy it from a window
manufacturer, as it's the same stuff as they use for windows.  Be sure to
cut it to length AFTER filling the tank completely in order to allow for the
bow, or it will end up being too short and falling into the tank.

If you like, I can take digital pictures of mine and send them to you.  Just
let me know.


> -----Original Message-----
> Bought an All Glass brand high output compact fluorescent
> striplite for it
> yesterday, only to find it needs to have a sheet of glass
> underneath it, which
> makes sense!  So my problem is, how to get that in the easiest manner
> possible.