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setting up my first real planted tank

Hi Bob,

I am currently using two of the AHS 96 watt CFs on my 54 gal corner tank.
At times I have tried lighting one and I would say, for your application,
one would be sufficient.

Bill Westbrook

> I am setting up a 40 gallon discus tank that has the dimensions of 28"long
> 18" x 18", and after an insperational aritcle is the april edition of
> aquarium fish magazine, I've decided to grow primarily red plants, so my
> current plant list includes: alternanthera rineickii, echinodours
> tenellus(will try to get the red var.)or other good, cheap, fast growing
> foreground plant, Tiger lotus, Barclaya lotus(mentioned in the article,
> sounds intringing), rotala macranda, and a echinodours "veronica", a
> similar, but smaller sword to "rubin". This will probably fill up my front
> half of the tank while I will have driftwood and roots in the back. I plan
> to light it using one single 96 watt compact flourescent light from
> www.ahsupply.com, here's my questions: Is this enough light for the
> do I need two if I only want plants in the front half of the tank anyways?