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RE: Cooling a custom hood full of lots of fluro tubes

> From: "J. Hammond" <geohammo at iinet_net.au>
> I have been told to use computer fans ? would this be enough?
> I was thinking
> of setting up 2 - one pushing air into the hood and the other
> sucking air
> out... is this a good idea ? I was thinking of also maybe
> mounting some vent
> in the roof of the hood.  The style which has slanted slits.. so that
> minimum light gets out but heat can still escape.

I used a couple 4" computer fans for a couple years, they were effective,
but the humidity above the tank was not very kind to them. The next hood
skipped the fans, but trapped way too much heat. I later added passive
ventilation using vents in the hood. They work very well in my application
with 640w under the hood. There are some pics of the venting on my website.

Jon Wilson