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Re: Effectiveness of Reflectors???

The Eng Family <engfam at axion_net> wrote:

>How do you think T-8 size bulbs would perform with either reflector?  Do
>you think 2 T-8 would work well without significant bad re-strike patterns?
>Victor Eng					Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
>engfam at axion_net

I would say that one single T8 should perform well with either reflector. The
gains should be similar to my measurements of one T12 with the Triton

As for two T8's, the AH Supply reflector would be useless, The bulbs would
be too close to each other and not much reflector area would be exposed at
the sides. The overheating due to restrike would likely counteract any 
small gain coming from optics alone.

Now the Triton with two T8's could be somewhat better. I never carried out 
measurements with this configuration, so whatever I can say is based on 
geometry and optics only. Since it has a flat top about 2.5" wide, it is
conceivable that the two bulbs could be mounted with enough room between 
them that restrike effects would be less objectionable. But I don't feel
confortable guessing here, it's too borderline a case. In any case, the
bulb holders would be critical. The ones that come with the reflector are
not good enough for this application.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD