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Filter Line Scum

I have a 680 litre tank running two power head driven undergravel filters,
and a Resun 808 which has now been up and running for about three months.
Initially, I had a DIY CO2 system running but have now stopped this as it
seemed to really encourage brush and bearded algae.  Our range of available
plants appears not to be so broad as in North America  (Cabomba is a noxious
weed here and now illegal) but my collection seems OK.

However, I have this weird scum lining both the inlet and outlet tubes for
the Resun filter.  It may have reduced a little after I stopped the CO2.
When I stop the filter and re-start it, some of this is detached and gets
into the tank, and it looks repulsive.  The fish seem OK about it and eat
most of it.

Could someone tell me what this is and whether I should do anything about
it?  IF so, what would be the approach?

Thank in anticipation.

Frank McLeod