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Yamato correction

OK, I dont want to beat this in the ground, and I dont even know if anyone
is even interested, but I felt obligated to post this correction, email I
got from them today:

"Robert, my face is damned red this morning.  I was discussing this issue
with our chemist this morning.  He was puzzled:  he told me that there was
1.5% w/w Nitrogen in Yamato Green-N, and he didn't understand why anyone
would consider that too little.  ...1.5%???  I looked at the temporary
labels we're using, and suddenly discovered there is an error on the label
in the amount of Nitrogen being reported  in Yamato Green-N.  The label says
0.15%.  The
label SHOULD READ 1.5%!  Somehow the decimal point got moved 1 place."

So I guess this is considerably more nitrogen, but does this change the
argument that trace and macro shouldnt be mixed? At least I feel more
confident in my own observation that it improved my plants noticably.

Robert Paul H