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Tom Barr wrote:

>Your P and Fe are a little low. BBA is almost always a CO2 problem. NO3
>additions deletions won't do anything if your water is the way you say.
>Is your CO2 yeast?

I'm using compressed CO2 on this tank.

Try to keep your pH between 7.0 and 7.2 at most and that
>should take care of it.

I'll raise the CO2 level. Any target to shoot for in pH? 7.0? I'm at pH 7.2 

You have to keep up on it for awhile but the algae
>will likely fall off or turn white if you do. Add some SAE's if BBA is
>light. Most of the other things sound good. You could likely just add the
>SAE's alone to solve it but adding some more CO2 wouldn't hurt.
>Tom Barr

Thanks Tom,


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