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setting up my first real planted tank

Hello, My name is bob and I have been reading this list for a few months,
this is quite a knowledgable group.

I am setting up a 40 gallon discus tank that has the dimensions of 28"long x
18" x 18", and after an insperational aritcle is the april edition of
aquarium fish magazine, I've decided to grow primarily red plants, so my
current plant list includes: alternanthera rineickii, echinodours
tenellus(will try to get the red var.)or other good, cheap, fast growing
foreground plant, Tiger lotus, Barclaya lotus(mentioned in the article,
sounds intringing), rotala macranda, and a echinodours "veronica", a
similar, but smaller sword to "rubin". This will probably fill up my front
half of the tank while I will have driftwood and roots in the back. I plan
to light it using one single 96 watt compact flourescent light from
www.ahsupply.com, here's my questions: Is this enough light for the plants? 
do I need two if I only want plants in the front half of the tank anyways? I 
plant some low or moderate light plants in the back or middle section maybe.
This tank also has an inch and a half soil substrate. I have an apontagen
blub that seems to doing okay despite that the tank is unlighted(it receases
an hour or two of direct sunlight on good days), and has african
cichlids(small) picking at it. I plan to order my plants from
www.azgardens.com unless I can find a cheaper source. The tank is filtered
with an fluval 303 bythe way and I plan to go with the DIY yeast route. I
don't plant to spend more than a few hundred bucks on this(light and
plants). Another question: can anyone give me a price estimate for tank
or for most plants incase I change my mind? or do I need two? or do I really

based CO2 for this size system, I have no idea howmuch they cost but get the
impression that they are farily expensive, but I know that yeast will cost
me alot in time too so I am looking for alternatives even before I use it.
Thanks all

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