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Re: Question on using KCl

Oskar wrote:

>in a earlier letter to this list someone (think he was named Al) wrote 
>using Potassium Chloride as a substitute for Potassium Sulphate. I just
>wonder if anyone, maybe Al?, knows if the Chloride has any harmfull 

None that I know of. YMMV. You don't get any S with KCl, so if you need this 
in your water you might have to supplement it. I'm fairly certain Chuck Gadd 
uses KCl in place of K2SO4 and has not experienced any problems. Al

>I want to bring the Potassium level up a bit and did it once with Potassium
>nitrate but my nitrate level went up a bit to far so I want a completely
>nitrate free Potassium source. Best of it all is that I have free supply of
>Potassium Chloride at work so if the Chloride is safe I'm going to use it 
>once. =)
>Best regards, Oskar
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