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Re: Mark Your Calendar For the AGA Conference

Gary wrote ""the next AGA conference would be November
9-11 2001 at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattagooga. 
Last year's conference was really good so if you
missed it here's another chance.  They haven't
announced any ofthe speakers yet but said to check
their website for future announcements.

Cool!  I was curious.  It was a good time last year.

Gary and I were the only folks who brought items to
trade last year.  Here is a suggestion.  Bag up some
items for the auction and then bag some extra to trade
or (heaven forbid) sell.  If you think you are taking
away from the auction by selling or trading and want
AGA to get a cut of the action, make a donation to the

This is a rare opportunity when plant enthusiasts from
all over the country gather.  You can bring your items
with you and take your new items home with you.  No
priority mail, no grand searches for the rare or hard
to find plants, just come and bring some plants...

A great time was had by all.  The aquarium was
fantastic.  Don't miss out.


newellcr at yahoo_com

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