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Additional K2SO4

     Since I first started dosing my 125g tank with PMDD, I have virtually 
     eliminated all my algae problems (knock on wood).  Now I have noticed 
     that some of the older leaves in my swords a getting holes, and the 
     leaves on other plants are crinkled.  From reading the info from this 
     list, I have suspected that I have a K or Ca deficiency.  I use water 
     straight from my tap run through an RO prefilter.  The filter is just 
     a 10 micron cartridge and an activated carbon cartridge.  The water 
     comes out KH4 ph 7.4
     The PMDD recipe I have been using calls for 2 tsp of K2SO4. I have 
     been dosing 20ml a day.  Is this enough PMDD? Should I add like an 
     additional 1 tsp/week of K2SO4?  Or for convience sake, can I use more 
     K2SO4 in my PMDD.
     Thanks for your input,
     Trey in Tulsa