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Re: Aquatic Re: Uninvited Guests

I hate snails too and got ramshorns in with my plants.  Instead of
unleashing loaches into my 200, which I'll never be able to catch until they
die I decided to go with these little dwarf puffers that are now showing up
at the better LFS.  They supposedly are not fin nippers and during the first
few hours probably ended up being the nippee as my rainbows wanted to see if
they tasted good.  My friend has them and said that they just suck the
snails right out of their shells, which is good because some of the snails
are bigger than the fish.  They're probably only 1/2 of an inch right now
and aren't supposed to get much bigger.  Supposedly there was a TFH article
last year on breeding these little guys so perhaps they will prove both
functional and interesting.

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com

>Ian Brown wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've set up a heavily planted tropical freshwater tank, and it's just
>coming to the end of its one month maturation period.
>> Unfortunately, it appears I have been the recipient of some "uninvited
>guests" - namely snails - that have started making an appearance over the
>last week. I'm assuming they have hitched a ride in on the plants.
>> So far they haven't reached infestation levels, and I have been picking
>them out when I see them, but the number has started to rise, and they are
>now beginning to get larger and I'm getting concerned that they may be
>breeding soon.
>> Can anyone recommend a method of poisoning them off without killing the
>plants? With the tank only just becoming mature I don't yet have any fish,
>so that's not a concern so long as the treatment can be removed through
>water changes.