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New to the list..saying Hi and snails..

Hi there...
Just joined and wanted to say Hi. I have various tanks(6 betta's in one gal 
tanks, a 3 gal soon to be bumblebee gobies home and an 29 gal community tank. 
I have been keeping fish since jan however used to help dad years ago with 6+ 
huge tanks. However I dont recall them being planted so dealing with plants 
(and algae) are somewhat new..but I have a green thumb with regular plants so 
perhaps, this will carry over to the ones growing in my tank too..
Now the snails, I like them, they eat up what the fish miss, and the MTS are 
good for the gravel and eat up the dead/dieing part of the plants, yet the 
they leave the rest alone. I have them in all my tanks, and it is sorda funny 
to watch the bettas watch the snails as they come up from the gravel or start 
burrowing down...they are so curious, No bites at them though thankfully. 
anyway, My 2 cents...
Nice to meet you all...
take care