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Nitrate levels

One of my planted tanks is just beginning to show BBA. I had originally 
brought it under control, by hit or miss dosing of PMDD. But it has come 
back and I am now wondering if I can control it by increasing my Nitrate 

The tank H2O parameters are:
KH - 10
GH - 10
pH - 7.2
temp - 77-78F
PO4 - 0.05ppm
Nitrite - 0.0
NH3 - 0.0
NO3 - 2.0 - 5.0ppm
Fe - <0.01ppm
110W PC lighting 12hr/day
CO2 injection into Fluval 303 at a rate of 1 bubble/2 sec.
Tank is heavily planted, with medium fish load.Flourish and Fe,Zn,MG,Cu 
trace mixture added once per week. Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate and 
Boric Acid also added.

Would raising the NO3 to 10ppm and holding it there as well as possible help 
arrest the BBA? Could someone please tell me the best course of action to 
eliminate the BBA for a tank with these parameters. I am currently removing 
as much infested plant material as I can find, but it is still spreading, 
ever so slowly.

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