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Potassium Chloride source

I know this was mentioned once on the newsgroup, but I've had some time to 
verify and would like to point out, for people trying to find Potassium 
Sulfate, there is an easy to find alternative.

Potassium sulfate is not sold in all States of the Union because soil 
conditions in some states are not compatible (or it is just wasteful)with 
it. Potassium Chloride is a perfectly acceptable substitute and can be found 
anywhere. Home Depot sells Potassium Chloride tablets next to the water 
softener salt, it is a H2O softener salt substitute. Morton is one brand, 
Natural Way is another. These Potassium Chloride substitutes are also 
available in most grocery stores that sell H2O softener salt. $5-7 buys a 
20-40 lb. bag, a lifetime supply.

These H2O salt substitutes are very pure, usually 99.8% ( far purer than any 
agricultural grade). I have been using Natural Way, Potassium Chloride on 3 
of my 4 planted tanks and it is working just fine, no problems with the 
flora or fauna.

I hope this helps anyone tearing their hair out looking for PMDD 

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