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Re: Pothos Ivy Filter?

> >It  has roots that have buried themselves in the substrate as well as
> >exposed roots in the water. 

>   Did you actually plant it in the gravel, or did you just let the ivy
> float on the top?  Is there anything special in your subsrtate?
This tank has nothing but regular gravel for substrate. Occassionally, I will add Flourish 
to the water, but it is not very often. The plant was originally just rooted with the tip 
hanging out of a corner cut out in the hood.  As it grew roots, they grew and grew and 
eventually grew into the substrate and across the bottom of the tank in the substrate. 
It even grows leaves underwater coming from the sustrate but they tend to not do as 
well under water and eventually rot. I have to periodically trim the top half growing out 
of the top of the tank. It eventually grows down the counter and onto the bathroom 
floor. I have a very rough picture of it that I will send to you in an E-mail.  I'll try to take 
some current pics and will have them later.