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Algae growing on shrimp?

    Those of you who have had shrimp may laugh yourselves silly over this, 
but it's my first time so here goes:  Has anyone ever seen algae growing on 
shrimp? We got some ghost shrimp a few weeks ago. Now, the ones we still have 
(5 of 8) appear be a light greenish-gray color. I have seen how their 
stomachs and internal organs take on the color of whatever they are eating, 
but this appears to be on the outside. Do ghost shrimp stay transparent their 
whole lives? Any insight from the experienced would be appreciated. The tank 
is a 10 gal, some plants on one end with an incandescent, currently awaiting 
a flourescent hood. 
    I have been following the thread about the mysterious green powdery 
algae, and I may have something like that, but it has not been much of a 
problem. Then again, it may be just plain old algae. 
    Water: KH6, GH16, pH 7.3 (that is mixing half tap and half distilled), 
ammonia and nitrites 0, nitrates about 20, temp 76-78. The nitrates did go up 
as a result of overfeeding (overzealour 7-year-old :-)). Besides the shrimp 
the current inhabitants are 2 endlers, 5 aspidoras pauciradiatus, and 2 
"Brazilian fire tetras" (LFS designation, haven't made a real ID yet.)
    If this is more of a "critter question" than an algae question, you can 
e-mail me offline.
Thanks, I love the APD!

Teresa in SoCal