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Re:Yamato green

>>I just think the macro's should not be mixed in with the traces. It's just
that simple. Reason? They vary too much to different tank's light levels
growth rates, tap waters etc. Traces generally do not. You often need far
more volume than anyone can add to take in account the folks that don't need
very much so they have to add very little and be conservative with macro's.
So why even bother? Buy some KNO3 and add regular traces/PMDD etc. Want some
ammonia add more fish food/fish. KH2PO4 is great stuff too. I don't see
anyone adding that yet:)<<

Well the reactions of Paul and Roger dont really surprise me too much,
pretty much what I expected!  At least this argument brings to light the
logic behind their comments! Is there an effective way of mixing both trace
and macro?  ...I know many many people here use commercial products like TMG
or Flourish for trace in combination with KNO3 for convience.   Would a
product  like  Yamato Green-N be better than adding no nitrate at all? Could
the manufacturer have the concentration  increased and be more effective?  I
am asking these questions seriously, not to defend the product.  If we look
beyond the whole PMDD way of thinking, is there any alternative?  I got a
bottle of Miracle Grow lying around here..would that work?  It has both N
and P Tom! :)

Robert Paul H