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> Iíve set up a heavily planted tropical freshwater tank, and itís just coming
> to the end of its one month maturation period.
> Unfortunately, it appears I have been the recipient of some ďuninvited guestsĒ
> Ė namely snails Ė that have started making an appearance over the last week.
> Iím assuming they have hitched a ride in on the plants.

Check archives. There's enough in there. We went through this not long ago.
Botia striata is very good at eating them.

> So far they havenít reached infestation levels,

Guess why not:) No food = no infestation. Overfeeding fish = infestation.

> and I have been picking them
> out when I see them, but the number has started to rise, and they are now
> beginning to get larger and Iím getting concerned that they may be breeding
> soon.
> Can anyone recommend a method of poisoning them off without killing the
> plants? With the tank only just becoming mature I donít yet have any fish, so
> thatís not a concern so long as the treatment can be removed through water
> changes.
You can use snails or fish to cycle/mature your tank. They both do the same
thing. Helps if you feed them. Add some snail eaters after.
Snails are excellent algae herbivores.
Tom Barr

> Thanks,
> Ian.