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Re: plant book

 > Sounds like a good idea to me, but >how many times can you write "add

more co2"?:)


Apparently not too many.;-)


Definitely not too many!  And that goes for other basics as well.  I
want to thank the people of this list for answering so many questions
that have been asked over and over again.  My first effort at a CO2.
improved light, etc. plant tank (started 11/1/00) is finally starting to
look respectable.  If I were still relying on the advice of my LFS I
either would have given up or would be broke by now.  One of the reasons
it helps to hear some of these things over and over again is to overcome
the well meaning, but misguided, advice from the LFS.  There are other
reasons as well, not the least of which are my own selective hearing,
stubborness, I can do it another way, etc.

Example:  The two LFS I frequent that are very successful with plant
tanks are quite adamant that it can only be done with RO water!  So, of
course, I used RO water.  Arrrgh!  Thanks to the list (reatedly saying
lose the RO!) I have now done three weekly water changes with tap
water.  The results are incredible.  Before the first tap water change
the tank was totally overrun with hair algae.  I did some major cleaning
and pruning before changing the water.  During that first week the algae
continued to grow at a steady rate.  The second week entailed another
cleaning session with not as heavy pruning and 50% water change and 2.5X
normal amount of TMG.  During the week following this second cleanup the
algae maintained a almost nonexistent growth rate.  The third cleaning
and water change was done 2 days ago and appears to hold similar
promise.  The Aponogeton rigidifolius that turned rust red within days
of being introduced to the tank (in Nov.) is turning a dark to medium
green and the algae on the leaves (that wouldn't be scraped off) is
mostly gone.  Hey, this is fun!  hmmmm. should I add some P to the water
column:-)  I still have a long ways to go just to get an understanding
of the basics, but now feel that I am going to enjoy the journey rather
than be in battle mode alllll the time.

Sorry for the rambling.  I just wanted to let you all know that
repeating yourselves has made a difference for me.  And I would guess -

Thanks again!
Jay Reeves

another worth repeating comment - hair algae - use a black plastic
comb.  Thanks Tom!