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biogenic decalcification (carbon from the water)

Dve Huebert wrote:
> [snip] In the laboratory, submerged aquatic plants reach
> maximal Ps rates at about 20 to 30 ppm CO2.
> There are three ways to overcome this problem;
>         1. add CO2. This is the most prevalent method used by this group.
>         2. increase flow rates in your tank. This works because to
> increase diffusion rates you either increase the steepness of the gradient
> (add CO2) OR decrease the length of the diffusion pathway (increase flow
> rates).
>         3. maintain your tank at a pH of 7.5 to 8.0. Under these
> condition almost all the DIC in your tank is in the form of
> bicarbonate. Species which are able to use bicarbonate (about half) will
> thrive under these conditions. There are, however many species that can't
> use bicarbonate... these are generally rosette species that naturally grow
> in extremely nutrient poor, soft, acidic water... some of these species
> even use their root systems to acquire DIC rather than taking up CO2
> through their leaves.

I take it that Crypts cannot get carbon from carbonates?

Do Echinodorus or Aponogeton get it?

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