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Yamato green

On someones reccomendation, I recently tried a japanese-american product
called Yamato Green, and communicated extensively with the american owner. I
was really impressed by both his openess of the product, and his knowledge.
He seems to be someone who has practical knowledge and not just sales hype.
This liquid fertilizer comes in two flavors, one with nitrate and one
without. It contains the following:

Chelated Fe 0.1%, S 0.65%, Mg 0.4%, Mn 0.005%, K 0.8%, B 0.004%, Zn 0.005%,
Cl 0.7%, Cu 0.0015%, Vitamins essential to plant growth, HCl (to prevent
unwanted mold growth and to adjust pH), Molybdenum: trace amounts.
YamatoGreen N ( potassium nitrate): Nutrients are identical to Yamato Green,
except for the addition of 0.15% Nitrogen.

The fact that they openly offer a Pot. nitrate derived product is unusual
since most commercial companies are afraid of the product being labeled as
causing algae outbreaks, he told me the following: "Plants do not directly
consume nitrate as they do ammonia, but we use a special chelating process
to help make nitrogen more readily available to the plants. This formulation
should not be used in a heavily crowded tank,(fish) or in a tank where
plants are sparse.  It is intended only for planted tanks where nitrates
consistently test at less than 10 ppm, to satisfy the nitrogen demands of
the plants. If nitrates consistently average less than 10 ppm (10 mg/L),
then your plants are attempting to survive in a nitrogen-poor environment"

He also stresses the fact that most other products have 3 to 4 times the
amount of copper, which is a health risk to shrimp. The product is a little
more pricey than most off the shelf products, but much less than TMG.

I have been using the product for three weeks in a couple of tanks that I
knew were nitrogen poor. The effect of this product was evident within a
week. I added a small dosage every day, or every other day. Has anyone else
here had any experience with this product?

Robert Paul H