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Electricity costs

Hello folks,

I wanted to follow up on my t-8 post

I got an electric bill recently and remembered to look
at the rate per kWhr.  The current rate is 10.65 cents
per kWhr in my area (metro Detroit), not 7.0 cents. 
Switching to an electronic ballast and T-8 bulbs will
actually save me about $1.25/month per shop light.  

I recently heard that CA should expect a 40% rate hike
in their electricity costs.  Ouch!  I figured I'd
share this with you.  A cheap, T-12 shop light will
cost you $3.24 a month to burn it 12 hours a day at
$0.10 per kWhr.  You might want to play with the
numbers to see what your actual savings from
converting to T-8's might be.  

Good luck!


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