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Glass tank hoods

Hi! thanks for the answers to my Lobelia question, I'm reassured!

Got another question:  I have been given an old Hagen glass 48"x18"x24" deep 
tank and stand, not the ideal proportions for plant growing, but I'm very 
happy with my gift horse!

Bought an All Glass brand high output compact fluorescent striplite for it 
yesterday, only to find it needs to have a sheet of glass underneath it, which 
makes sense!  So my problem is, how to get that in the easiest manner 

Thought I had it solved when I found that Perfecto make an all glass canopy in 
the right size, but it needs a centre strip for support, which this tank does 
not have - it just has a plastic trim strip around the top, which has a tiny 
lip set 5/8" down on the inside, and is barely 3/8" across.  Too low down to 
put anything on to act as a centre brace anyway, I suppose.  You can still buy 
the original Hagen lids, but they have minimal concepts of lighting; they are 
pretty flimsy, so I'm wondering how much support I would have to provide for 
this glass canopy anyway.

I suppose I could always try to get a sheet of glass thick enough to span the 
48", just to put under the striplite, but I like the idea of the Perfecto 
canopy, which has the usual opening panel along the front edge.

I've thought of trying to get some perspex cut to size to act as a centre 
strip, and gluing it at the ends at the tank's centre; any other ideas?

Kind regards,

Susi Barber