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If it was poisonous ...I would have so many dead fish:)  That's the
experienced practical side. Apparently, as is often the case, the
experienced person has not had the plant or attributed the death to some
other factor. I have a large amount of it(for several years) and it has
never caused a death or a shrimp, snail or fish. I have distributed it to
quite a number of folks. Never a problem even in large amounts with frequent
prunings.  Several other plants supposedly release toxins into the water. I
have not had such an experience. Perhaps those who did, did few water
changes, mostly had the one plant and/or had extremely small tanks or both.
I could see a toxin being released if the plant is very stressed or decaying
to the point of causing death. But all the plants in this trade I've ever
had (which are many) don't kill fish if healthy/ maintained/regular water
changes and pruned etc.
Tom Barr