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Re: Conditions for FFF

Gabriella writes:

> The behaviour of fish is modified by environmental
> conditions and it makes valuable sense to collate data on what conditions
> result in what sort of behaviour.

You may well be right, but if you are going to try to find the ONE 
variable that makes a difference, it's pointless to just focus on pH 
or KH. There are so many more possibilities - temp, amount of 
circulation, types of plants, co-inhabitants, light cycle, age and 
source of the flagfish, all the different trace elements and 
macronutrients, concentration of CO2. I don't think a quick survey 
of the group here is going to reveal the difference that you are 
searching for.  It would really require controlled conditions in which 
2 tanks of fish vary by just one variable at a time. Good try though.

Cathy Hartland