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Flag Fish Aggression


I also have 3 flag fish in my 66 gallon heavily planted tank with co2, high
lighting, etc. and they really do a good job with hair/thread algae, I
removed them after about a month to another tank because they were eating
some of my other plants.  IMHO I'd use these fish over SAE's, What are SAE's
supposed to do? which type of algae do they eat? from my knowledge the flag
fish's does a way better job with hair/thread algae...I usually see on the
newsgroups posts that people have found SAE's at their LFS's... all my LFS's
carry them and they're quite easy to find, but their use is another

Another problem I have in my tank is I have some type of fry swimming on the
surface, they're approx 1/3 the size of baby guppies, any suggestions on
figuring that out? I guess I'd have to post the type of fish I have in my
tank first..

Raymond Wong
My Aquarium Website