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settiing up optimum 10 gallon

While my larger tank is goign through a greenwater phase (im waiting for it
to clear itself.. the algae will crash at some stage) I have got bored and
got myself a little 10 gallon tank.  At the moment it is setup with 1
aquaclear mini, DIY C02, 1x 15W warm white, 1X 15W Grolux tube.

Firstly will I get ok plant growth with the current light setup ? I ordered
in some plants to put in there - Ludwigia, Hygro, Pygmy Chain Swords and
some ambulia.  These plants should do ok in here right?  By the way the only
reason I chose 1 warm white and 1 grolux tube is that these are the only
tubes that come in a 1 1/2 foot size (and also cool white).

I want to have really spectacular plant growth in this tank sometime in the
future and was wandering is it worth getting  3 or 4x 20W compact
flourescents (5000K) and installing them instead of the current light setup
? I think this would be the biggest single influencing factor on this tank.


Jon Hammond