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Identification and recommendation on plants?

Hello all,

I have had a couple lily-type plants in my tank for a long time, but I can't
seem to find picture identifications anywhere.  One is a bulb plant, and the
other doesn't have a bulb.  The green one (with bulb) grows out light green
leaves that are shaped like arrowheads.  The leaves are very thin and
delicate.  The other one grows from rather plain-looking roots, is an almost
purple red in color, has more traditionally-shaped, thicker, stronger
leaves.  This one is mottled with dark green blotches, and is very
attractive.  I have pictures and a scanner, but >zero< web page knowledge.
If anyone would be so kind as to receive a couple j-pegs in their email, I'd
be happy to send them.  Or maybe someone could teach me how to post them on
the web... :)

Anyway, these plants are very nice, and I love them to death, but they both
have a single annoying trait.  They go through stages in which they develop
a very luxurious growth of leaves about the roots, and when they are
sufficiently bushy, they change their growth pattern and begin to put out
only long stemmed surface leaves.  I pull these when I see them, and the
plants thin out as the older leaves complete their life cycle.  Then they
kick back into bushy submerged leaves and the cycle starts again.  I'd like
to even out the pattern, and keep these plants in submerged-bushy mode if
possible...  Any ideas?  Oh, and if anyone knows how to keep jungle val from
growing to absurd lengths (5 feet, no joke!), I'd be very appreciative!

Thanks a bunch in advance!