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Re: Daphnia collection

> Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 10:46:53 -0800
> From: Ted Backman <tedb at valvesoftware_com>
> Sorry about the off topic post, but I'm interested in switching to live food
> for my planted tank, (in hopes to reduce algae).  The manager at my LFS said
> that a local lake is a great place to collect daphnia, but i'm stumped on
> where to get a suitable net to trap enough of these critters.  
> Where can i find a large, fine screen net? I assume the hardware store
> doesn't have anything like that.  Maybee a store that sells bait and tackle?

Are you considering making your own net?  You can get nylon netting at
a fabric store by the yard real cheap.  It comes in different mesh
sizes; you can probably find one that is fine enough.

Best regards,