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re: Ciclids + plants

I'll skip over the lecture about a convict in a 10g and go straight to my
recommendation on plants.  If I were you, I would find a nice piece of
driftwood, (hopefully one that would provide some cover for the cichlid
under it), and I would attach some sturdy plants like java fern, anubias
nana and bolbitis.  

With a setup like that, the convict wouldn't be able to dig up the plants,
(since they're all attached to the wood), the plants would do fine in a low
light setup (like I assume you have).

Also, you should really consider adding some watersprite to the tank also,
with a large messy fish like that, you'll need all the fast growing,
nutrient absorbing, plants you can add, (and the convict will feel more at
home under the cover).