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Re: Cichils + plants

Teresa ( Wubba2u at aol_com ) wrote:

> Subject: Ciclids + plants
> I know that he regularly 
> "re-decorates" his tank, but I would still like to put some live plants in 
> there (after I ditch the blue plastic ones and the matching gravel!
> I read somewhere that ciclids do ok with floating plants. I also just had the 
> idea of putting some very sturdy plants into a ceramic pot, and then 
> silicone-gluing the pot to some very heavy rocks. Might this work? or am I 
> completely coo-coo? 

Convicts AREN'T very plant-friendly. I've had them destroy even the 
toughest anubia, Java ferns, and bolbitis.  If he's already digging 
and he only has a little space to play in, he'll start on the plants 
next. I'd advise against it from personal experience, but every fish 
is different. Just don't lay down a lot of money on the plants.

>     Also, are there other SA ciclids that specifically would do well with 
> this guy and some plants?  Thank you for sharing your experience and advise.
>   Teresa in SoCal

When he gets grown, he may develop an appetite for the dwarf 
cichlids, plus they're expensive. More convicts would work ;-). Fire-
mouths Meekiis do well, also Jack Dempseys. Those are big fish, 
though, and they'll need a minimum of 55G to properly get along 
well. Convicts need big buddies. 

Dwarfs (apistos, checkerboards, nanacaras, rams, etc.) work great 
with plants. Convicts work well with rocks ;-).

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC