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Re: soil substrate

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the apology, but I did not take your comments as aggressive.
I tend not to be offended by comments on the APD unless they personally
attack me or become belligerent.

I agree with your comments on Fluorite having more readily available
nutrients.  I think this comes from the fact that Fluorite is a
naturally mined product while Profile consists of mined products that
are kiln fired.  I think the kiln firing greatly decreases the amount of
elements readily available to the plant roots or it could be due to the
lower pH of Fluorite.  If you compare the amounts of elements in
Fluorite to Profile (can be found in the Jamie Johnson article) one can
see that they are roughly equal in their make up, in fact Profile has a
higher CEC but Fluorite has a lower pH.

I have one question, do you use Fluorite as your only source of
fertilizer or do you add fertilizer to your water column?  I ask this
because you state that Profile will cost more in the long run in
fertilization, but most people who I know that have Fluorite still add
fertilizer to their tanks so the cost would be the same for Profile and
Fluorite in the long run.