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Boston fern

Wow I am fascinated by this, and have a ton of questions. Does the parent
fern have "typical" bosten fern type foligae? Does the submerged growth
look different than the emersed? How long have the babies survived? If the
tendrils are cut can the submersed growth survive? Could you post some
photos?? I have been wanting to put a plant filter along the back of my
open topped tank for a while now. If I knew what kind of fern could do this
that would be fantastic. Any info would be very cool.


Hi Scott, you mentioned a Boston Fern, and I have earlier had succes cultivating this plants on some wood in a paludarium. You take a part of the ferns roots attached should be 2-3 leafs. This one you vire to a piece of wood in your paludarium. When active growth is noticed you cut all the old leafs off. The trick is to have as little soil/substrate around the ferns roots as possible. It should just be a little moisture. Dont ever feed the plant. After some time, the plant will become smaller, still you should cut the oldest leafs off. After a few months you will have a perfect miniature boston fern. The plant will produce runners that will crawl across anything in the paludarium, also into the water. Theese will result in small new ferns. If the runners meet a spot with more soil, the new plants here will off cause be big which is unwanted in the paludarium.