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re: Paludarium - ferns

Hi Scott,

I honestly have no idea what species of fern this is.  Someone had abandoned
it in the garbage room of the apartment building in which I live.  (I've
found some real treasures down there, like a White Bird of Paradise Plant as
well.)  The fronds are 4 to 6 feet long.  It's a big un.  The tiny leafy
things along the fronds have pointy ends and are 1 1/2 to 3 inches long.

The submersed fronds are nowhere near as large as the others.  The stalks
are quite thick but the leafletty things are triangular in shape not
elongated.  Next step is supporting the bogwood so that the fronds are above
the water line and see if they'll continue to grow and enlarge.

I hope this helps.  I really wish I had a digital camera but I'm not wealthy
enough to justify trying to buy one on credit.  Maybe some day soon.


+AD4-Wow I am fascinated by this, and have a ton of questions. Does the parent
+AD4-fern have +ACI-typical+ACI- bosten fern type foligae? Does the submerged growth
+AD4-look different than the emersed? How long have the babies survived? If the
+AD4-tendrils are cut can the submersed growth survive? Could you post some
+AD4-photos?? I have been wanting to put a plant filter along the back of my
+AD4-open topped tank for a while now. If I knew what kind of fern could do this
+AD4-that would be fantastic. Any info would be very cool.