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Re: Aqualine Buschke CO2 reactor

I just bought one, and it's kind of neat to watch when it works, but unless
I'm doing something wrong I wouldn't buy another one.  See the bubbles
spiral down the coily part and then they just build up on the bottom
eventually cutting off most of the water flow and just staying there and
letting time dissolve them instead of agitation.  It says you need a
powerhead that provides 100 liters per hour to 200lph which I believe
translates to 26 to 52 gallons per hour... I hope I'm wrong on that because
it seems like it needs more power (yes I'm american).  I think a simpler
reactor would be a wiser decision, however I just started using mine 3 days
ago and I may be doing something wrong.


> I am planning to purchase  Aqualine Buschke CO2 reactor for my tank, has
> anyone used this ? how effective is this ? does this need a powerhead to
> ?