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Re: Temp's for Discus

> You mentioned this is a Discus tank - what temperature is it at? I would
> have thought that the Amano shrimp would have succumbed to the high
> temperature in your tank. I thought about getting some for my planted Discus
> tank but the stories recently on this list about temperature sensitivity put
> me off. My tank is at 30C (86F).

Discus don't have to have high temp's in the 86F range, they do quite nice
at 80F also. Wild Discus go through temp extremes of 10 +,- F. They do not
need or have to have or somehow will be "in danger" if this high temp is not
maintained. Cater to the plants and these fish will be fine and happy. No
Discus death that I have heard of or know about was caused from 80F water
temp or any associated problems except perhaps some breeding. But I've seen
them bred in water this temp also.
Tom Barr