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Ciclids + plants

Hello everyone!  I have subscribed to the APD and been reading all for a few 
weeks now. What a knowledgable bunch you are! Perhaps you can give me some 
suggestions regarding ciclids and plants. 
    My son's dance teacher has a 10g with a medium sized (about 3-4") pink 
convict fish set up in the studio. I think I have finally talked her into a 
bigger tank, but she really wants to keep this very aggressive fish  (BTW, I 
do all of the maintenance on the tank). I know that he regularly 
"re-decorates" his tank, but I would still like to put some live plants in 
there (after I ditch the blue plastic ones and the matching gravel!
 :-(( )
I read somewhere that ciclids do ok with floating plants. I also just had the 
idea of putting some very sturdy plants into a ceramic pot, and then 
silicone-gluing the pot to some very heavy rocks. Might this work? or am I 
completely coo-coo? 
    Also, are there other SA ciclids that specifically would do well with 
this guy and some plants?  Thank you for sharing your experience and advise.
  Teresa in SoCal