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Subject: discus growout in planted tank

>Does anyone have any experiences to share regarding
>growing out discus in planted tanks?

I set up my first freshwater tank about a year ago and I have been
raising my first discus ever in a 180gal planted tank. I am reefer at
heart but have wanted to try a planted tank for a long time.  There
are 8 discus, a couple plecos, some ottos, a few black phantom tetras,
a lonley apisto, a trio of pearl gouramis, a couple sterbai cories,
and some praecox rainbows.
I have no problems or horror stories to share or tell other than some
quaratine issues for new fish (now resolved). I had a pair of angels
spawn in there, a pair of blue rams spawn and I got the gouramis to

>1) cyanobacteria (BGA) -- may have been related to
>dosing KNO3.  Stopped the dosing and the problem

I am not an expert, but to me, these problems are not because of the
discus in your tank but because of problems associated with an
improper nutrient regemine. Perhaps going back through thekrib.com and
reading about plant nutrients and how to go about fertilizing would
benefit you and your tank.

Good Luck,