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Oxygen injection

In his mail on "Trickle Filters and CO2", Roger S. Gordon pointed out that the best way to ensure high levels of CO2 are "to keep the surface glass smooth", thus preventing the CO2 from escaping into the air above the tank

The unfortunate by-product of this is that the surface area of a still surface is much lower than that of a highly agitated one, and therefore much less oxygen dissolves into the water and this can be harmful to fish.

I know that some hobbyist get around this by using a timed air pump to switch on after the lights go out on the tank and the photosynthesis has halted for the day, but what I was wondering is, has anyone experimented with direct oxygen injection into the water? Probably through a similar rig to a CO2 pressurized canister kit with a bubble diffuser, and if they have, what results they achieved?

Best regards,

Ian Brown.

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