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Re: Brineshrimp

WWT (whoa whoa tabranac!)

To the 130 odd e-mails I received I will now supply
the following information.
The process is under the auspices of a proffessor from
Tokai University. He is working on a UN sponsored
project to produce low cost feed to feed fish for
commercial purposes. The project is set up in Etria
and according to the guidelines must be low impact,
nonpolluting technology. Working within these
guidelines the group set about building a plant to
produce food through aquaculture. A byproduct of this
research was a technique and a formula to produce and
raise Red Sea Brineshrimp at accelerated rates. The
technique and formula are currently being patented and
I was asked by a friend who is a consultant for this
project to investigate the commercial feasibility of
this endeavour. Should this project prove possible the
prceeds of this will be used to assist the people of
Etria to set up infrastructure to engage in
aquaculture and mangrove reforestration along the Red
Sea coast.

I know that this is a serious and beneficial project
and people who can assist me in ascertaining the
prices in NA and Europe for freeze dried, frozen and
fishmeal products as well as viable and decapsulated
eggs, please contact me off list.

Thank you,

Edward Venn
Tokyo Japan

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