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snails and sales

Masters of aquatic hydrodynamics and my fellow learners

I purchased plants from Robert's Aqua Botanic and I eagerly await their
arrival. I expect good stuff based on my observations regarding Robert's
list input.  I'll keep you posted. Nice newsletter too. Thanks Robert.

Seems my snail questions of several issues back were overlooked. Perhaps
they were KIA by the FFF war. To whom it may concern advice from an old
shrink... Lighten up, otherwise you might be thought of as being several
bananas short of a pudding... unless of course you are from palm beach
county. In that case, I cast my one and only vote for developing a sturdy,
protective crust on that pudding.

My questions were: Snails; I have two striped ones almost 2" across and two
golden ones the size of marbles. Are my swords and crypts and Java's in
danger? Plants in general? I believe they've already eaten some white,
dangling roots.


Paul the NoleDoc
Living and learning in the heart of
the beautiful NE Tennessee Smokies.