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Re: aquaclear mini and 10gal

> Just a few questions.  Where does everyone inject co2 when using an
> aquaclear ? up through the strainer pipe (makes annoying sounds when it
> the impellor).

Yes, an AC150 on a 20high.  I have two 2L yeast bottles going in there.
Yes, you have the nice crunching sounds when the bubbles get ground up, but
it certainly gets the CO2 in there - plants are pearling really well...  I
also have a piece of foam in the area above the impeller, probably stops
some co2 bubbles from escaping that way.

> And is 2 15watt flourescent tubes enough light (30W for 10
> gal) or not really

sounds good - I've got 3w/g on the 20 (upgrading to CF sometime soon,
though) and things go great.

Derek Johnson
djohnson1981 at yahoo_com