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Thanks for the Algae Help (Success!

I would like to put a general note of thanks out to you folks, especially Chuck Gadd, Pat
Bowerman, Andrew Bolling, Dwight, and Tom Barr, for you advice on my tank.  If you go back
and look through the archives I sent out a note entitled "Algae Wars" when my tank was
basically over run with the stuff.  Now I only have some fuzz algae on the driftwood and a
couple of the leaves of my big amazon sword and even that is starting to disappear.

About a month and lots of work later I now have a great that I am starting to populate
with fish I actually want rather than the ones I need.  I took this picture of the tank
last night.  http://my.ohio.voyager.net/~pflum/pics/tank.jpg  I am still learning about
aquascaping by so far I am very pleased.

Thanks again for the help!


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