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Paludarium Anubias

Yes, Anubias will grow well or even better if they have roots in the water and leafs in the air.
The flower will dry out after they are finished, that is normal and can occur after a few days.
I have Anubias growing in a small open aquarium in the windowstill. They receive direct sunlight two hour
per day. It is probable the species A. auriculata. It is a very tall plant near 50 cm and it flowers thrughout the year.
Watertemperature 25 C. It normally takes a while before the new leafs are "use to" growing in the air.
But after a while it will produce beutiful leafs.
I have tried it with A. nana as well in a paludarium as you have described, it was a success. The first leafs dried out
but after a few weeks "good" leafs vere produced, much faster than in the water. You can also buy new plants,
they are mostly propagated emers and are therefore use to the set-up you want to give them.

Martin - DK

I would also like to plant Spathopyllum and Anubias along this shelf.  My
understanding is that Anubias will grow fine when their roots are in water
but the leaves are in the air.  However, right now I've got an Anubias which
has flowered and the flower portion is above the water line and it looks
like it's dried out.  This is in a covered tank so the humidity in the air
above the water is very high.  Am I mistaken that keeping Anubias as I'd
like would not work?