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Re: Trickle Filter & CO2


On an unrelated topic, has anyone got a trickle tower
running on their 
 planted tank? How does it affect your CO2 levels? I
seem to be pumping CO2 
 into my 20g at a rate of knots yet I cannnot get the
level up past 9 mg/ltr 
 (yet. And i have a good reactor - it's all
dissolving). If I seal off the top
 of the tower with cling wrap, that'll keep in the
CO2, right? But then will 
 the bacteria asphixyate? Should I ditch the whole
system and just switch to a
 cartridge filter in the tank?


>>Yes, I noticed the same thing.  I have an Amiracle
wet/dry filter and it seems to really dissipate the
CO2 because of the overflow box and water exchange
through the bio-balls.  I started with one of those
Carbo Plus CO2 unit which worked well but just
couldn't produce enough CO2.  So now I switched to an
Ultralife CO2 system with a reactor and all ... and I
really have to pour on the CO2.


Hopefully, Chuck Gadd will chime in on this topic.  I
believe he has a trickle filter and CO2 injection. 
You may wish to email him.  Goto his website to find
the address.


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